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Wildflowers on Easdale with Ling Warlow

Wildflowers on Easdale has been designed as an immersive experience for participants and a wonderful opportunity to work with paper botanist Ling Warlow.

Over the duration of the two-day course, you will spend time exploring Easdale island for inspiration and Ling will guide you as we look closely at the spring flowers and learn how to deconstruct the flower and recreate it using paper and mixed media. Paper flowers are a wonderfully mindful art form. You will emerge with new skills and a new way of looking at flowers! 

Wildflowers on Easdale
13 – 16 May 2023
17 – 20 May 2023

Creative Courses Dance Katrine McPherson scotland

Screendance in the landscape with Katrina McPherson

This course offers participants an amazing opportunity to work with Katrina McPherson, one of the most celebrated and innovative contemporary artists who uses dance and film to create outstanding and acclaimed bodies of work. This intensive, hands-on course will allow participants to learn directly from Katrina taking as their inspiration the work she has produced over a 30-year career.

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Creatively re-set your photography with Colin and Adam

Pick up your camera and come to Easdale island.

For the last six years, professional photographers Colin McPherson and Adam Lee have welcomed participants to two distinctive and rewarding short, residential courses. It is your opportunity to visit the island, to work with us creatively and develop your photography skills whilst enjoying the stunning scenery, comfortable accommodation and delicious home-cooked food.

These short courses are aimed at people who love photography and want to take their practice to a new level. Colin and Adam will help you explore what makes a great photograph and how to take one.

Practical Storytelling
22 – 25 July 2023

Develop Your Narrative
26 – 29 July 2023

Participant portfolio

Jill Jennings

Jill Jennings is a professional photographer based in the north west of England. She joined us on the course as she wanted to get away and work on something creative which was not rooted in her commercial practice. Over the two days, she produced this lyrical and poetic piece. Here she explains the thinking and […]

Participant portfolio

Sue MacDougall

We were delighted to welcome back Sue MacDougall to Easdale island last year. Sue had been one of our participants on our original course back in 2016 and in the meantime had been developing her practice, which is mainly built around beautiful landscapes taken around Argyll, where she lives. For the Develop your Narrative course, […]

Participant portfolio

Kevin Holmes

We welcomed Kevin Holmes, a keen amateur photographer from Yorkshire, to our Develop your Narrative course in summer 2019, and he produced a body of work which had us thinking and reflecting about things beyond photography. Kevin brought with him his Buddhist beliefs, and made work around many of the key themes, ideas – and […]